Lessons From Jacob’s Reconciliation With Esau

1. When we are estranged from another but hope for reconciliation, we often consider reaching out first through messengers.

2. We may feel the need to offer gifts to the other, yet still  protect ourselves from feared harm in the encounter.

3. Reconciliation generally requires our moving from where we’ve been to where we need to go, as if crossing a river.

4. It’s not easy work. We recognize in our own experience the story of one who struggles in the night with beings both human and divine. We confront in our own darkness the image of our adversary as well as our falling short in meeting the expectations God has of us, and wrestle.

5. Though we may prevail in the struggle, our transformation often comes not cleanly, but with an injury that we bear for all our days.

6. Reconciliation brings blessing. In it, we can see our face along with that of God in the face of the other with whom we’re reconciled.

7. In the kiss that makes right what had been wrong, we understand that we are yoked to God Who comes to us in love and expects us to go forth in love with others.



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