What’s Wrong with Eating the Fruit?

We read in Genesis about the story of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God admonishes Adam not to eat the fruit of this tree, yet Adam and Eve do so. God banishes them.

What’s up? What’s wrong with eating the fruit of this tree? After all, God made us in the Divine image. God has this knowledge. Why shouldn’t we strive to be like God?

We are indeed created in God’s image. But, our faith cautions us from living as if we were God. Being created in God’s image means for us – instead – living as God expects.

We are given the power to choose, but it is God’s hope that we choose to live with duty to the Divine, and love of our fellows. This is our path, as opposed to choosing against God through our own will and desire, as reflected in the choice to eat the fruit of this tree.

Despite our many blessings, humankind persists in making the willful choice. It started up again with Cain’s premeditated act and continues to the present day, in all times, in all places.

Whether Jew, Christian, or Muslim – whether philosopher, scientist, or citizen – each of us, in our own way, must get to the bottom – however much it challenges us – of why we’re drawn to eat of the exotic fruit that promises power, but invariably leads to thorn and thistle.